Quality Policy

Strikebox Engineering designs, fabricates and installs bespoke engineering solutions for clients in Irish hygiene-driven industries. We have a modern well-equipped workshop, ran by experienced competent craftsmen and lead by a quality-focused management team that provides our clients with solutions that meets their expectations.

The company is committed to the provision of quality products that conforms to international standards, our own standards and customer requirements. To ensure that quality goals are achieved and adhered to, the company has developed and implemented a documented quality management system which conforms to the requirements of IS EN ISO 9001. The quality system covers all areas of our business.

The quality system has been explained to and is understood by all employees who are responsible for ensuring that it is fully implemented throughout the organisation. All levels within the company understand the importance of customer satisfaction.

The effectiveness of the system is monitored and improved through the application of an internal audit programme, management reviews and the ongoing improvement of our products and processes. Management has established a framework for setting and reviewing quality objectives. The company ensures it has the resources, support and training to maintain the features of this policy.

Throughout Covid19 Strikebox Engineering, and all its members, work in adherence with the protocols laid out by the Department of Health and the Government. We ensure measures put in place to reduce the spread of Covid19 are implemented daily and are not exhaustive, whilst we continue to monitor and take guidance from the NPHET.

All employees are responsible for the consistent application of this quality policy and for ensuring that defects, deviations or improvements are promptly identified and reported to the appropriate level of management.

Signed: John O’Reilly
Managing Director

Date: 23rd March 2023